Battle Studio is specialized in the mastering of black metal, death metal and thrash. 

While I may not possess a high-end mastering studio with top-of-the-line equipment and advanced acoustical treatment, I can provide you with 90% of the desired results at a considerably more budget-friendly rate. Moreover, my personal experience as a Black Metal musician enables me to not only comprehend but also accurately interpret the genre's distinct requirements.

I also provide Corrective Mastering: If you're not a skilled mixer and don't have the financial means to hire one, I can perform substantial transformations, turning even less-than-perfect mixes into professionally polished masters.


Equipment : 

  • full Izotope Ozone Pro mastering suite 
  • full Cubase 12 Pro suite


References : 


Budget :

  • 1 song : 20€
  • EP (less than 30 minutes of music) : 95€
  • Album (>30 minutes) : 140€


Test my services before making a decision! I am providing a no-cost mastering of one song. This will enable you to assess the quality of my work and make an informed choice regarding a potential collaboration with me.

Contact: Battle Studio Mastering